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NEATA Youth is the youth initiative of NEATA for 18-25 year olds. NY has organised workshops and drama courses and been active in supporting the bi-annual Neata Festivals. If you are interested in joining Neata Youth, contact your country’s representative. These are the NY representatives for the respective countries:

Astrid Joelsson
E-mail address:
My name is Astrid and I am a 23 year old from Sweden. I love to direct, write plays and to play improv theater the best. I also write and perform Spoken Word-which is poems written to be read on a stage. I became the Neata Youth representative 2018 and arranged the camp in Sweden 2022. Life is empty without theater!

Teresa Reinert
Faroe Islands
E-mail address:
Hi! My name is Teresa Reinert. I am 25 (born in ‘97), Faroese and currently studying Applied Psychology in Glasgow. I have always loved art and performance, and forced my poor parents to sit through hundreds of revivals of me as the evil Queen in Snow White as I transformed into the mean old witch. I have worked consistently with theatre and acting for over 10 years, and have published some writing in that time as well.

Eimantas Antulis
E-mail address:
When I was still in kindergarten and the teacher would tell us to paint our dream, I always painted myself on a stage in front of the audience. At that time I didn’t know it was a singer or actor, dancer… But after some years passed and I joined the theater studio I understood that what I painted was an actor. And here I am, finished college for acting and keeping myself around theater. Also, my favorite dish is dumplings)

Sara Rós Guðmundsdóttir
E-mail address:
I‘m Sara Rós and I was born in 1998. I‘m from Iceland and have been the Icelandic representative for NEATA-youth since 2018. Amature theatre has been all around me since I can remember. I have been involved in many ways inside of the amature theatre association in Iceland by; acting, directing, making stage designs, and participating in many theatre courses both domestically and abroad. At this moment I am studying Social Work at the University of Iceland, training aerial hoop, teaching yin-yoga classes, working as an entrepreneur in a project about girls with ADHD, illustrating and teaching theatre classes in a rehabilitation facility.

Jenny Aminoff
E-mail address:
I’m Jenny and I’m 20 years old. I’m from Finland but right now I’m studying acting at a Folkhögskola in Sweden. I’ve been doing theatre since I was in third grade. Besides theatre I like dancing, baking, cooking and dogs.

Henrik Lainvoo
E-mail address:
Stark and energetic. Been on stage since the age of 8. I love acting to tell different stories and making my voice heard. During free time I like to go on walks, dance and do overall different physical activities. Biggest weakness is sweets (especially marzipan).

Jarle Henrikson
E-mail address:
My name is Jarle. I’m 19 from a small town called Horten, in Norway. I am engaged in politics in my regional youth council, and other organisations like Stop Hate Speech. I do a lot of theatre as well. I’m an assistant director in a youth theatre. And also I’m the Norwegian champion in theatre sport!

Victor Haven
E-mail address:
My name is Victor, I am 21 years young and a Danish representative of NEATA Youth. I have been acting and doing theatre since I was seven years old. Today, I am active in the Danish amature theatre environment; co-organizing a theatre festival, acting and writing plays, and working to create a better environment for young culture workers nationwide (and also Northern European-wide)!

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