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NEATA Youth is the youth initiative of NEATA for 18-25 year olds. NY has organised workshops and drama courses and been active in supporting the bi-annual Neata Festivals. If you are interested in joining Neata Youth, contact your country’s representative. These are the NY representatives for the respective countries:

Astrid Joelsson
E-mail address:
My name is Astrid and I am from Sweden. I love to direct, write plays and to play improv theater the best. I also write and perform Spoken Word-which is poems written to be read on a stage. I became the Neata Youth representative 2018 and arranged the camp in Sweden 2022. Life is empty without theater!

Teresa Reinert
Faroe Islands
E-mail address:
Hi! My name is Teresa Reinert. I am born in ‘97, Faroese and currently studying Applied Psychology in Glasgow. I have always loved art and performance, and forced my poor parents to sit through hundreds of revivals of me as the evil Queen in Snow White as I transformed into the mean old witch. I have worked consistently with theatre and acting for over 10 years, and have published some writing in that time as well.

Eimantas Antulis
E-mail address:
When I was still in kindergarten and the teacher would tell us to paint our dream, I always painted myself on a stage in front of the audience. At that time I didn’t know it was a singer or actor, dancer… But after some years passed and I joined the theater studio I understood that what I painted was an actor. And here I am, finished college for acting and keeping myself around theater. Also, my favorite dish is dumplings)

Sara Rós Guðmundsdóttir
E-mail address:
I‘m Sara Rós and I was born in 1998. I‘m from Iceland and have been the Icelandic representative for NEATA-youth since 2018. Amature theatre has been all around me since I can remember. I have been involved in many ways inside of the amature theatre association in Iceland by; acting, directing, making stage designs, and participating in many theatre courses both domestically and abroad. At this moment I am studying Social Work at the University of Iceland, training aerial hoop, teaching yin-yoga classes, working as an entrepreneur in a project about girls with ADHD, illustrating and teaching theatre classes in a rehabilitation facility.

Roope Lappalainen
E-mail address:
I’m Roope Lappalainen and I was born in 2005. I live in Finland and go to school in Helsinki at Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts. And now I’m the new Youth Representative of Finland here at NEATA Youth! I have a short history with AITA/IATA; I participated the 2023 EDERED Encounter, which introduced me to the networks of amateur theatre. I’m also currently at the board of FIDEA (Finnish Drama/Theatre Education Association) and through it as well a member of IDEA. These two are part of AITA/IATA, in which NEATA is too. So everything overlaps!
I’ve participated and made myself multiple projects in the field of performing arts. Nowadays they mainly happen in the environments of my school, Helsinki City Theatre, Musical theatre Juvenalia, Uniarts Helsinki & in other short-term project -related environments (e.g. in film, TV, ads, modeling and theatre). I also have a job at Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Company) as a social media entertainer.
I’m interested in the question of “Why theatre is important?” and I do have plans to work with it throughout the journey of my future!

Henrik Lainvoo
E-mail address:
Stark and energetic. Been on stage since the age of 8. I love acting to tell different stories and making my voice heard. During free time I like to go on walks, dance and do overall different physical activities. Biggest weakness is sweets (especially marzipan).

Martine Wold Gundersen
E-mail address:
Hello! My name is Martine, I’m the Norwegian representative in NEATA Youth. I’ve been an active part of the local theatre community for the past 15 years, writing, directing and acting. Theatre and music is such an important part of my everyday life, working as a theatre and choir instructor, actress and burlesque artist. I believe that theatre should be available for everyone. Let’s make it an arena for diversity as well as creativity.

Victor Haven
E-mail address:
My name is Victor, I am the Danish representative of NEATA Youth. I have been acting and doing theatre since I was seven years old. Today, I am active in the Danish amature theatre environment; co-organizing a theatre festival, acting and writing plays, and working to create a better environment for young culture workers nationwide (and also Northern European-wide)!

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