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Lietuvos Megeju Teatro Sajunga (LMTS)
Lithuanian Amateur Theatre Association / Lithuanian AITA/IATA National Centre

Lithuanian Amateur Theatre Association (LMTS) was established in 1991. LMTS is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which is led by a president.

The main purpose of LMTS is to unite all amateur theatre groups and theatre people. Today LMTS consists of 42 adult amateur theaters, 23 children’s and youth theaters, 12 individual members. More than 1500 people participate in LMTS activities. The members of LMTS usually work in Culture Houses. The directors are usually hired by the Culture House and also get paid by The Culture House.

LMTS is involved in organizing national and international theatre events. More than 200 local, regional and international theatrical events are organized every year in Lithuania. More than 20 of them are international.

LMTS cooperates with the Lithuanian Folk Cultural Centre, which is a governmental organization. LMTS together with the Folk Cultural Centre are organizing National Amateur Theatre Festivals:
for adult theatres “Atspindziai”,
for children’s theatres “Simtakojis”,
for puppet theatres “Molinuko teatras”.
Every year LMTS and the Folk Cultural Centre organizes an International Theater Day celebration “Tegyvuoja Teatras”. This year “Tegyvuoja Teatras” will be held for the 16th time.

LMTS has a quarterly newspaper “Mėgėjų teatras“. 83 issues of the newspaper have already been published.

Since 1975 the main and the only training institution for stage managers, exclusively for amateur theatre, is Klaipeda University.

In 1993 LMTS became a Member of AITA/IATA.
In 1998 – a member of NEATA Region.
LMTS is an active member of AITA/IATA and the Region of NEATA. The Board of LMTS selects groups for the World and Regional AITA/IATA festivals. LMTS members participate in different conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

LMTS organized 2 NEATA festivals. The first NEATA festival was organized in 2000 (Trakai). X NEATA festival was organized in 2018 (Anykščiai). The NEATA Youth Camp was also organized in 2018.

LMTS organized 2 Baltic countries amateur theater festivals “Baltic ramp“ in 2013 (Birštonas), in 2019 (Kretinga) and 2 Baltic countries amateur theater festivals “Small Baltic Ramp“ in 2012 (Jonava), in 2016 (Kupiškis).

LMTS President Vita Vadoklytė
Honorary President Danutė Vaigauskaitė

Contact Person – Vice President Auksė Antulienė
Tel.: +370 606 86044

Donelaičio 4, LT-92144, Klaipėda, Lithuania
LMTS on Facebook

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