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International Youth Exchange in Odense – Denmark (NEATA YOUTH)

From the 10th-14th of May 2023, 18 youths participated in a NEATA YOUTH event in collaboration with the Danish festival Scenoskop.
The group was part of a workshop titled “WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP?”, facilitated by actor and director Jacob Teglgaard, and their work was showcased as part of the festival program.
During the SCENOSKOP INTERNATIONAL exchange the NEATA YOUTH representatives came together with the rest of the participants, to share ideas and dreams for the future through a workshop,
with the hope to give the network fuel for the coming period where the representatives will predominantly meet online.

The national center in Denmark (DATS), provided organizational as well as financial support with the main budget being covered generously by the 0-30 program under Nordic Culture Point.

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